Discovering Casa Cavia

Casa Cavia

Photograph by Juan Hitters.

Named for the chic Buenos Aires street on which it's located, Casa Cavia is a new concept boutique that brings together a somewhat unexpected combination of local tastemakers—a florist, a chef, a perfumer, and a bookseller—under one historic roof. “It is a place for a dialogue between the disciplines,” says founder Lupe Garcia, who appointed London and San Francisco-based design team Kallos Turin to restore the 1920s residence originally designed by Norwegian architect Alejandro Christophersen to house the shop. “We wanted to contribute to the evolution of the building,” she says.

Garcia’s talented makers fill the floors of the home in a way that feels organic. The Kitchen, where chef Pablo Massey serves up his fresh take on classic Argentinian dishes alongside star mixologist Ines de Los Santos, is located on the first floor. Ampersand, a publishing house curated by Ana Mosqueda is found on the second floor, but the space also has a private library on the first floor, where guests can shop and flip through the volumes at their leisure in one of the home’s plush salons. Bouquets by Silvana Grosso, who runs the flower shop on the first floor, are peppered throughout each room. “The flowers change the character of the rooms and add an element of color,” says Garcia. And the shop’s signature scent, mixed by Argentinian perfumer Julian Bedel, wafts throughout, drawing visitors to his shop of exotic fragrances and candles. In the near future, Garcia is planning to host a film club in Casa Cavia’s lush garden. We may never leave...

Casa Cavia is located at Cavia 2985, Palermo Chico, Argentina,