Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett. Photo courtesy Chanel.

“Holy guacamole,” said Cate Blanchett as she took the stage at the Museum of Modern Art. “I feel like I’m dead.”

Blanchett is only 46 but she’s already reached the stage of her career where she’s eligible for lifetime achievement awards. On Tuesday, she got a doozy: the museum’s tribute at its annual film department benefit. Martin Scorsese, Karl Lagerfeld and Cindy Sherman co-hosted (Chanel sponsored, though Lagerfeld was not present; Scorsese directed Blanchett in her Academy Award-winning turn in The Aviator.) “I cannot believe that my name is on the same invitation as Cindy Sherman,” Blanchett said. Even Woody Allen, who directed her second Oscar-winning performance in Blue Jasmine, sent his regards via video. Holy guacamole, indeed.

Besides those greats, the audience was peppered with many, many museum trustees; former co-stars - Bobby Cannavale, Ralph Fiennes; aspiring co-stars - Jane Krakowski, Diane Kruger; and admiring directors, including Carol director Todd Haynes and artist Julian Rosefeldt, whose most recent work features Blanchett in 13 different personas.

Fiennes introduced the actress’ highlight reel comparing her to Katherine Hepburn – whom Blanchett once played – and Vanessa Redgrave.

Dressed in all-black Chanel Couture with mascara running ever so slightly down her porcelain cheekbones, Blanchett took in the crowd and dryly summed up the evening. She was touched by the tribute, but also for the reminder of “just how much I’ve aged.”