Did you have a makeup artist for Uncle Vanya?
No, stage actors have always done their own makeup. I find theater makeup quite old fashioned and harder to work with so I use the SK-II foundations because they’re really moisturizing. Then I put on a Dior lipstick that’s quite glossy, like a showgirl red, and liquid eyeliner. It takes me about 30 minutes to do the whole look.

What is your fitness regimen?
I did make a commitment this year to working out, but I’ve been a bit ad-hoc about it. Being on stage a lot is quite physical. I wanted to do something I can achieve, like twice a week, but since I’ve been in DC with the kids, it’s been impossible.

Which of the SK-II products is your absolute favorite?
I’ve always used the Essence and LX- serum everyday. I never thought about the texture of my skin or luminosity, but those are the changes I noticed with the Essence. My skin is more resilient and I don’t get as many breakouts.

When did you first start wearing makeup?
I experimented a lot. I went through a mod and goth-phase when I decided that I wouldn’t ever be the bronzed beach-bunny. I started going as pale as I possibly could. It was probably a bit too kabuki.

Did your mom ever pass along any skincare advice?
The only tip she ever gave was when she just handed me a bottle of Oil of Olay, which I used when I was younger.