J’adore: Catherine Baba

Stylist Catherine Baba’s exquisitely excessive aesthetic.


Australian-born, Paris-based stylist Catherine Baba has an exquisitely excessive aesthetic—and a Dadaist manner of speaking to match. “I’m a slave to accessories,” she coos. “Belts are my oxygen.” Her first jewelry collection, designed in collaboration with Gripoix, the French company known for its elaborate poured-glass costume pieces, is intended for similarly over-the-top ladies. Inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley (“I was smelling the airs of neo-romanticism,” Baba says), the 12-item lineup includes the Venus cuff that contains a powder compact, a pair of shoulder-sweeping Peacock earrings, and the Phoenix harness, featuring a bird the size of a breastplate ($1,213–$4,830, “Each item completely makes an outfit,” she says. “In fact, you could be naked and wear the pieces and it would be divine.” Herewith, a few other things that tickle Baba’s fancy.

Louboutin Lady Gres Heels “It’s like wearing turbans on your feet. So voilà, I have turbans on my head and my feet. I’ve ordered them in every color.”

Guerlain Geisha Lipstick “It’s the kind of rich, intense red you can’t find anywhere else—sort of that 1970s Audrey Rose red. The packaging is also beautiful, and there’s a mirror inside.”

Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle “The smell is leather and tobacco, among other things. It takes me on a voyage somewhere fabulous every time.”

Symphonic Music With A Splash Of Swish “It could be classical or disco. Music is very important to me. I like to do a bit of floor work from time to time. J’adore dancing at Maxim’s and chez moi.”

Nouvelle Affaire “Pascal Humbert and Cat Traoré’s new boutique and gallery in the Marais is a complete ready-to-couture ‘Think Pink’ situation.”

Paris “In my fantasies, she was always divine, and then when I got here 18 years ago, she was even more so. I’ve always adored Paris, and I think she adores me as well.”

Life “We would be insulting all the gods and goddesses if we didn’t love it. It’s a must!”