Chelsea Handler to Lead Sundance Attendees in Their Own Anti-Trump Protest

FilmMagic/Getty Images

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this year on January 19, which means that many members of the Hollywood elite will be confined to Park City, Utah when Donald Trump is inaugurated as our next president in Washington, D.C. Normally, that's not a problem (i.e. because TV exists), but this time around, it does pose a conflict for Sundance attendees who were planning to partake in the anti-Trump Women's March on Washington planned for January 21.

But never fear, Trump non-supporters of Sundance. Chelsea Handler is here to lead a march just for you and the rest of the cultural elite. The comedienne announced that she will lead the Women's March on Main Street, which is actually one of more than 200 sister demonstrations against Trump's presidency planned for in all 50 states and 20 foreign countries the day after the inauguration. Organizers predict that the main march in Washington is expected to have a turnout of 200,000.

Handler said her goal was to create a place to for Hollywood progressives to join the Washington marchers in protesting Trump.

"Sundance has always been a platform for change: not only for filmmakers and filmmaking, but also for big ideas for the future," she said. "If there's anything I learned in the last year, it's that we need to be louder and stronger than ever about what we believe in, so I joined some incredible women from around the country to bring our voices together in the streets of Park City. The Women’s March on Main will be an opportunity for the creative community and those in Utah to stand beside those in D.C."

The Facebook page for the event clarifies that the march is open to both women and men and notes in its description, "We have an opportunity in the creative communities to spread hope, tolerance and inclusiveness in our art and with our voices. We relish the chance to join Park City, its organizations and citizens, and our larger nationwide community on this day."

Sundance isn't officially affiliated with the march, but nonetheless, it looks as though the film festival is about to get a lot more political.