Food for Thought

Two new gastronomically-focused journals come from opposite ends of the foodie spectrum.


One magazine’s cover features supermodel Karlie Kloss licking cookie dough from her perfectly manicured finger. The other, a close-up shot of a red-wattled rooster and a coverline that reads “Wild Pigs: it’s a war and we’re losing.” It’s clear even before opening Cherry Bombe and Modern Farmer—two new gastronomically-focused journals—that they come from opposite ends of the foodie spectrum. Modern Farmer, founded by Ann Marie Gardner’—a longtime editor whose resume includes stints at W and, more recently, Monocle—gets down and dirty about where food comes from, with a fertilizer story titled “Poop, it’s back,” lots of veggie-growing how-to, and an in-depth piece about humane livestock slaughter. (Warning: the unflinching photos might turn you into a vegetarian.) Cherry Bombe, meanwhile—its chicly matte paperstock notwithstanding—covers the glossier aspects of cooking and eating: Sophia Coppola’s favorite cocktail, a cake inspired by Dries Van Noten’s spring collection, a picture-perfect dinner party in a Williamsburg loft. Its editorial director, Kerry Diamond, once covered the beauty industry for W’s sister publication, WWD, and now heads up public relations for Coach and co-owns three stylish Brooklyn restaurants. Despite their differences, both journals offer plenty to read and to look at—the sort of long form writing and considered photography largely absent from the ever-expanding food blogosphere. And, perhaps most importantly, each of them left us hungry for the next issue.

Images: Cherry Bombe: courtesy of the publication; Modern Farmer: Richard Bailey/Modern Farmer