Chloë Sevigny X Joey Silvestera

Chloë Sevigny wears a Miu Miu dress, $3,345,

Kors, Michael
Populated his front row with the next generation of fashion scions, from Selah Marley to Sistine Stallone. (Their last names say it all.)

Moralioglu, Erdem
The British designer discusses his love for all things romantic and floral, Brexit, and hints at his upcoming Fall 2017 collection ahead of London Fashion Week.

Sevigny, Chloë
After Chloë Sevigny screened her new film Carmen, a short produced in conjunction with Miu Miu's "Women's Tales," the actress-turned-director planned a Valentine's Day date with Delfina Delettrez Fendi. For Sevigny, it's been a fashion week all about "a whole woman thing."

Shannon, Michael
Recalls his first sex scene, in 8 Mile with Kim Basinger. The lesson he took away? Sex scenes in movies are just like real sex — only, you know, minus any of the pleasure.

Taylor, Teyana
Just one of the stars of the new Yeezy zine styled by A$AP Bari that also features Luka Sabbat, Playboi Carti, Rich the Kid, and Amina Blue.

Vincent, St.
Made her directorial debut with a short film, "The Birthday Party," included in the horror anthology XX. But she's too afraid of horror movies to watch them.

Yeezy Season 5
Relatively tame, by Kanye West standards. See every look from the collection, here.

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