Chloë Sevigny can be described as many things—actress, director, producer, icon, muse—but leave it to the ever eccentric jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez to add another, much more reptilian label to that list: “She’s like a snake between different fields, different arts,” Delettrez said in Soho at the launch of her new jewelry collection for on Tuesday night, aka prime time Valentine’s Day.

Which is precisely why she tapped Sevigny to host the party (along with the site's co-executive chairman, Ruth Chapman.) “I wanted to have a woman as a date, and an inspiring woman like Chloë,” Delettrez said of Sevigny, who she first met “at this weird festival in Thailand,” the actress explained.

Sevigny, who was decked out in both Delettrez’s designs and sheer Rodarte, seemed to be thinking similarly. ”I like to do a whole woman thing, you know?” she said, gesturing at her sheer polka dot ensemble by the Mulleavy sisters.

That was apparent earlier in the week, too, at Sevigny’s screening of Carmen, her short film for Miu Miu that marked her second stab at directing and follows the comedian Carmen Lynch in her attempts to give up online dating in favor of (hopefully) finding love on the streets. “I definitely wanted to make women feel empowered and tell more stories from our perspective,” Sevigny said. “But there’s definitely a melancholy to it that, I feel. I should try to get the love to prevail. I’ll work on that,” she added with a laugh.

Delettrez, it seems, might be able to help: her latest is based on the word “love,” spelled out in letters made of diamonds and pearls across her usual spread of cuffs and dangling earrings. Inspiration was hardly hard to come by.

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“I am very in love,” Delettrez, said, gesturing to her boyfriend a few feet away. “And my daughter, who’s nine, is also in love—she just told me she got a boyfriend today, and now they hold hands like this,” she said, interlocking our fingers, "not this," she added, grasping my hand.

But, like Sevigny, Delettrez was also thinking politically. “Of course [politics] influence me, and it’s not a good moment anywhere—in Italy, in France, or here,” she said. “In a moment of uncertainty, I think it’s good to use your body as a little manifesto if you can and wear love every day.” Protest sign, “love”-adorned diamond ring—same thing.

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