Chrissy Teigen Makes Burning a NY Times Editor and Kevin Sorbo on Twitter Look Easy

"Hot take, boy Xena."

Someone Told Chrissy Teigen She Was Stunning "Before The Fillers"
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Chrissy Teigen is an expert at owning people on Twitter. Of this we know for sure. She’s proven it time and time again, and pointing it out sort of feels like pointing out the sky is blue. Maybe what is less appreciated is the depth and versatility of owning with which she approaches the battlefield that is Twitter. Why, in just a matter of hours last night she engaged a New York Times editor in a nuanced discussion about identity and representation, and then shifted gears to dispatch ’90s syndicated series television star Kevin Sorbo with a four word burn.

Let’s start with the more complicated instance first. It involved New York Times opinion section staff writer and editor Bari Weiss. Upon Team USA figure skater Mirai Nagasu’s monumental landing of a triple axel in PyeongChang (the first time an American woman had even done so at an Olympics), Weiss posted a photo of Nagasu on Twitter captioned with the slightly altered Hamilton lyrics “Immigrants: They get the job done.” There was just one problem with that take: Nagasu is not an immigrant. She was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California. Instead of just deleting the Tweet and apologizing for the factual mixup, Weiss doubled down, tweeting, “Do you need another sign of civilization’s end? Here’s one: I tweeted “Immigrants: we get the job done” with a video of Mirai Nagasu’s triple axel. The line is a Hamilton reference. I know she was born in Cali. Her parents are immigrants. I was celebrating her and them. For this tweet I am being told I am a racist, a ghoul and that I deserve to die. So I deleted the tweet. That’s where we are.”

Teigen took notice of Weiss’s claims that Twitter debate was somehow a sign of civilization’s end, and the supermodel stepped in to school the Columbia grad on why her original Tweet had bothered so many.

Teigen knows of what she speaks as the daughter of a mother from Thailand, after all.

Shifting gears a few hours later, Teigen noticed another bad take from a very different source: former Hercules star and current Donald Trump supporter Kevin Sorbo. “Only in America are legal citizens labeled ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis,’ but illegal aliens are called ‘Dreamers,'” he wrote. This one, quite obviously, warranted a far less nuanced take, and Teigen dismissed it succinctly.

Really, what else would one need to even add?

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