Meet the Man Who’s Perfected the Coffee Instagram

Ryan Glick of @CoffeeNClothes, @LustLimited, and Wine ‘N Dine reveals the secrets to social media success.

Coffee N Clothes

Ryan Glick, a.k.a @RyyyGuy, is a social media pro. Not only does the coffee and clothes expert manage his personal presence, but he also is the man behind the popular account @CoffeeNClothes; helps his friends promote their new food photo sharing app Wine ‘N Dine (Gigi Hadid uses it under the name Chef BoyarGi); and runs a men’s jewelry company, @LustLimited. Here, the multi-tasking media expert reveals the best (and worst) ways to Instagram everything from fashion to food.

What works best on @CoffeeNClothes? Really good clothes and a good cup of coffee mixed with a nice location.

What’s the best way to get noticed by you? Tag @CoffeeNClothes and use the #coffeenclothes hashtag.

I’ve heard that the success of an Instagram account is reflected in whether or not tagged photos have the same aesthetic. What’s the weirdest photo you’ve ever been tagged in? I’ve definitely gotten pictures of a coffee cup over a guy or girl’s private parts. Mostly it’s on-brand though, which I’m happy about. There are people who tag @CoffeeNClothes once a week!

What are some things to avoid for #CoffeeNClothes? To-go cups, logos—I don’t like to have a blatant Starbucks logo, for example. Not so much for fashion, but it all depends on the image and what I’m looking for at the time.

What are your pet peeves? Untied shoelaces and people walking straight into puddles.

What would you never post? A picture of me drinking tea.

Which food should you never Instagram? I’m not a fan of a sloppy sandwich up close to a lens.

When you order at a restaurant, do you think about what will look good in a photo? You gotta order it all for Wine ‘n Dine.

Do you cook? Honestly, never. Last week I was like, “I’m going to cook and bring my lunch for a whole week!” And then I did it and hated it. I quit. I make coffee in the morning at home, but still buy a cup at least once during the day.

Favorite accounts to follow: @adidasoriginals, @thecollecteur, @lastsuspect, @footballcafe_fc, @foodseyeview, @jonsplates

Favorite editing app: I don’t usually edit @CoffeeNClothes photos, but for my personal account I use Photoshop on my phone.

What’s the secret to juggling multiple accounts? Not taking things super seriously or overanalyzing everything. Let it fly. Be spontaneous and on the spot. It’s more easygoing that way, and people can relate to it more.

So, you’ve mastered Instagram, what’s next? I definitely haven’t mastered it, yet. But I would love to have Coffee ‘N Clothes locations and work on offline activations.

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Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.

Photo courtesy of @ryyyguy.