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Over the years, Calvin Klein has twice dabbled with selling makeup. The designer launched a short-lived color collection in the late 1970s and another in 2000. Now there's the new cK Calvin Klein Beauty collection, which debuted at select Macy's and Dillard's locations last fall and just rolled out in full force on Sephora.com.

The collection offers the wearable, muted eye, lip and cheek colors that one would expect from Calvin Klein, along with a few splashes of intense color (think yellow lids and fuchsia lips). But the offering that impressed us the most was the Delicious Light Glistening Lip Gloss in a sheer, brownish plum shade called Glory ($16). The line's global makeup artist, Mark Carrasquillo, told us it was one of his favorites too. "I wish all women's lips looked like that," he said. The idea behind the shade, he explained, was to make the lips look "kind of bruised, as if they've been making out all night."

Photo: Sebastian Piras