Under Pressure

W‘s beauty director test drives two pairs of chic compression tights.


I’ve always associated compression tights with varicose vein treatment and lipo recovery. But when I learned about their other benefits, like improved in-flight blood circulation and accelerated post-exercise muscle recovery, I decided to give them a try. And—surprise!—there are now some truly chic versions around. I wear CEP Women’s Progressive + Outdoor Merino Compression socks ($65, cepcompression.com) on all my tough hikes and Falke Leg Energizer 50 ($110, falke.com), matte tights that feel like a walking massage, when running from show to show during Fashion Week. They look nothing like those opaque, suntan-colored knee-highs your nana wore—I promise.

Model: Vasilisa Pavlova at Supreme Management; Manicure by Holly Falcone for Dior at Kate Ryan Inc.; digital technician: Hugo Arturi; photography assistants: Basil Faucher, Scott Simpson.