Cory Booker, Noted Bachelor, Finally Confirms He Has a Girlfriend

“I got a boo.”

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Cory Booker, noted bachelor, has finally given the people what they want: a relationship-status update.

On Tuesday morning, Booker appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview with Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee, and the rest of the Power 105.1 radio team. In a conversation that covered the topics of immigration, Big Pharma, and Booker’s potential presidential agenda for 2020, the New Jersey Democratic senator remarked that the discussion about his relationship was “the most uncomfortable part of this interview.”

When Charlamagne cracked a joke about Booker’s basement apartment (a sign, according to the radio host, that Booker is “really a bachelor”) and asked about the prospect of bringing a first lady into the White House if he were to be elected president, Booker quipped back to remind Charlamagne that the inauguration wouldn’t be for another couple years. “First of all, there’s two more years until I might fulfill this duty. So give me some time. My girlfriend might listen to this,” he told the radio hosts. “Before I declare [my presidency], I’m dating somebody that’s really special,” he added, before reiterating, “I got a boo.”

Still, the politician remains private about his relationships, which is why it was a shock to hear him confirm that he is indeed in a relationship.

While the aforementioned “girlfriend” remained unnamed, Charlamagne asked, “Would she make a nice first lady, whoever she is?” to which Booker replied, “Yes, she would.” Yee seemed to agree that this mystery girlfriend would make a good FLOTUS, and Booker responded with, “Thank you for saying that,” and smiled. Yee appeared to know something Charlamagne doesn’t or at least “reads the blogs,” which have recently suggested that Rosario Dawson might be the one who currently holds the key to the senator’s heart.

Some people seem to think that Dawson and Booker’s joint appearances around New York City—once at a Broadway performance of Dear Evan Hansen on January 7 with Dawson’s daughter and Booker’s niece and once at a movie at Regal Union Square on January 5—indicate that the two are a couple. Additionally, onlookers apparently overheard Dawson singing “I love you” in a “made-up song” the same night the two attended the Broadway show, according to reports from Page Six.

Cory Booker, Taylor Trensch, and Rosario Dawson pose backstage at *Dear Evan Hansen.*

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Before being linked to Booker, Dawson dated Eric Andre from 2016 to 2017, while it has been rumored that Booker recently dated the poet Cleo Wade, and he’s even been linked to the likes of Gayle King and Mindy Kaling.

Dawson is no stranger to political activism herself: The actress has endorsed Barack Obama in the past but was also a big supporter of Bernie Sanders, voted for Jill Stein in 2016, and campaigned for the 2018 midterm elections alongside America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez. In a recent Business Insider interview, Dawson was asked if she hoped Cory Booker would run for president, and her response remained coy. “I don’t know…um…how to respond to that,” she said, before clarifying, “I do. I hope that there’s a lot of people who are potentially going to be running. I hope that we get an opportunity to have people like him in that conversation because he brings a lot of grace, and intelligence, and experience, and I think we need that to be what’s reflected in these debates and in these spaces that have so often been dominated by hateful rhetoric, and debasing each other.”

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