A Comprehensive Guide to the Cast of Crazy Rich Asians

The ultimate guide to the crazy talented cast behind this summer’s highly anticipated romantic comedy.

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With both crazy talented and crazy good-looking performers on the rise, the cast of Crazy Rich Asians might just be a gathering of future movie stars. Based on the best-selling trilogy of books written by Kevin Kwan, the film follows Rachel Chu as she travels to Singapore to meet the family and friends of her boyfriend, Nick Young. Unbeknownst to Rachel, the Young family is exorbitantly wealthy (or “crazy rich,” as her former college roommate insists), and her boyfriend turns out to be one of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors, with hordes of girls willing to knock Rachel out of the way. Soon, Rachel is thrown into a world of moneyed friends, extended family, and, of course, new enemies. Just trying to keep up is enough to give her whiplash.

The cast of Crazy Rich Asians is large and stocked with talent, some fresh-faced newcomers and some veterans of the silver screen. Here is everything you need to know about the eclectic group of actors amid all those sweeping shots of Singapore’s grandest real estate.

Constance Wu as Rachel Chu

Our leading lady Constance Wu plays Rachel Chu, the Chinese-American economics professor dating Nick Young, whose family is real estate royalty in Singapore. You’ll likely know her for playing Eddie Huang’s mother, Jessica, on Fresh Off the Boat.

Henry Golding as Nick Young

The hunky Henry Golding has proven he is more than capable of starring as a leading man, despite the fact that Crazy Rich Asians is his first ever film credit. In fact, before he was cast in Crazy Rich Asians, Golding was a hairdresser (and styled his mom’s hair for his first film premiere) and a travel host for the BBC. But don’t worry, Crazy Rich Asians is just the beginning of what is hopefully a long list of wacky comedies in which Golding plays a leading man. You’ll catch him in theaters again this fall in A Simple Favor, opposite Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

Michelle Yeoh as Eleanor Young

Eleanor Young, the matriarch of the family who holds major disdain for Rachel, is played by the legendary Michelle Yeoh, a popular Malaysian actress known for her work in Hong Kong action films of the 1990s. She later found fame in Hollywood with roles in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Awkwafina as Peik Lin

The scene-stealing multi-hyphenate known as Awkwafina made her transition from rapping to comedy (on MTV’s Girl Code) to film (in this year’s Ocean’s 8), and now is set to become a bona fide movie star as Crazy Rich Asians’ Goh Peik Lin, Rachel’s nouveau riche former college roommate, living in a gaudy home in Singapore that her parents claim was modeled after Donald Trump’s bathroom.

Nico Santos as Oliver T’sien

Oliver T’sien is the cousin you want in your corner—he’s sharp, stylish, funny, and immediately connects with Peik Lin. You might have seen Nico Santos on television, acting alongside America Ferrera on the NBC comedy Superstore.

Ken Jeong as Wye Mun

Goh Wye Mun takes the trolling, embarrassing dad trope to the next level, and there’s no one better for the role than Ken Jeong. With winning performances in Pineapple Express, Community, Party Down, The Hangover, and his ABC sitcom Dr. Ken (he also used to be a practicing doctor in real life), Jeong has a bevy of comedic acting credits on his resume.

Gemma Chan as Astrid Leong

Astrid, Nick’s fashionable cousin and one of the few family members to treat Rachel kindly in Singapore (her husband, Michael, played by Pierre Png, jokes that he and Rachel will get along because they’re both “commoners”), is played by Gemma Chan. The actress has a history of starring in middlebrow TV: Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Humans, Bedlam, and the upcoming animated adaptation of Watership Down. She’ll also play Bess of Hardwick in Mary Queen of Scots, and star as Minn-Erva in the upcoming Captain Marvel alongside Brie Larson.

Jimmy O. Yang as Bernard Tai

Bernard, the bachelor party–planning burnout, is a far cry from Jimmy O. Yang’s portrayal of the quiet Jian Yang on HBO’s Silicon Valley, but Yang nails it. You can’t help but love to hate Bernard, even Nick Young knows that.

Chris Pang as Colin Khoo

Colin, Nick’s best friend and soon-to-be husband of Araminta Lee, is played by Chris Pang, an Australian actor best known for his roles on shows like the short lived Marco Polo, and action dramas like I, Frankenstein, Tomorrow, When the War Began, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

Sonoya Mizuno as Araminta Lee

Colin’s carefree fiancée, Araminta Lee, is played by Sonoya Mizuno, a former ballerina and model who debuted her acting talents in Ex Machina, before moving on to La La Land as one of Mia’s (Emma Stone) three roommates. She returned to the screen for more Alex Garland fanfare in Annihilation, and will reunite with Emma Stone this fall as Dr. Fujita on the enigmatic Netflix series Maniac.

Ronny Chieng as Eddie Cheng

Nick’s image-obsessed cousin Eddie is played by Ronny Chieng, a correspondent for The Daily Show and star of a sitcom based on his own life, Ronny Chieng: International Student.

Remy Hii as Alistair Cheng

Since rich playboys often have nothing but time on their hands, Alistair Cheng (Eddie’s brother) spends his days financing movies, chiding his cousin Nick, and casting his hot, scatterbrained girlfriend Kitty Pong (played by Fiona Xie), in a gaggle of terrible movies. Playing Alistair is Remy Hii, best known for playing Prince Jingim on two seasons of the Netflix series Marco Polo, and of course, like nearly all Australian actors, a recurring role on Neighbours.

Kris Aquino as Princess Intan

Kris Aquino’s appearance in Crazy Rich Asians as Princess Intan, the notoriously icy royal, is a delightful treat of a cameo. Over the years, the film and television actress turned talk show host has made a name for herself in a variety of genres—horror films like Feng Shui, rom-coms like So… Happy Together, and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, a popular Philippine soap opera that ran for 122 episodes. She also hosted the Philippine versions of Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal.

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