Backstage at the Creatures of the Wind FW 2016 Collection by Isabel Martinez.

There are looks that catch the eye, and there are looks that retrain it. At Creatures of the Wind Fall 2016, makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo took what he saw on the streets of New York to the runway. “I was inspired by when you see Puerto Rican girls in New York, how they do lip pencil and a color in the middle," he says. "So, how do we do that as a red lip?”

He started with a sangria matte pencil; then, a touch of cherry gloss. The result? The chill vibe of a cool girl who, in Carrasquillo's mind, "really likes herself and doesn’t try to hide, but wants to wear one kind of makeup. She just puts the lip on, but it’s meticulously done. It’s a thought process, it’s really intentional. And it’s really sexy and fun—a new way to do a red lip.” The rest of the face was kept neutral--just brow gel to catch the light and fresh skin. “We left a little bag [under the eye],” Carrasquillo said.