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Ashley Furnivall, Elle Fanning, Shane Gabier, Chris Peters and Shirley Kurata attend Just One Eye x Creatures of the Wind Collaboration Dinner.

Getty Images for Just One Eye

“I’ve always been a fan of their clothes,” said Elle Fanning of Creatures of the Wind designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier. The young actress was playing host for the night at a dinner celebrating the launch of the brand’s embroidered denim collaboration with avant-garde boutique Just One Eye.

“The jeans are so cool – I decided on the black suede,” said Fanning of the black and white collection, which guests were able to customize via an app with colorful floral and geometric embroidery. “It’s so great in here, right?" she continued, admiring the store. "I haven’t been before, but my mom came maybe a year ago, and she was like, ‘You have to come. It’s like a museum.'"

Just One Eye’s main showroom – ordinarily filled with designer items and art – was completely stripped. A long, winding table, covered in white denim and with large Eric Buterbaugh flower arrangements set up in the shape of the embroideries dominated the space.

“That’s the magic here,” said Just One Eye co-owner Paola Russo of the transformation, led by interior designer Christopher Kreiling.

Guests – which included Laura Dern, Rowan Blanchard, Rainey Qualley, Zoe Levin and Liz Goldwyn, as well as co-hosts Katherine Ross and Angelique Soave – mingled before making their way to their seats for the sit-down dinner.

“I cut my bangs myself right before this,” said Caroline Vreeland, alongside Erica Pelosini. “I never cut my hair myself, but I just went for it tonight.”

Soko, who was behind the DJ booth, said it was a no-brainer to come out in support. “I just think they're the cutest, most awesome designers,” she said, as The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” played in background.

“I love Soko!” said Peters. “It’s wonderful to have so many friends here in L.A. It’s definitely overwhelming. This is much bigger than any other party we’ve really had. And Elle is one of the coolest people I know. She’s so smart and so rad. I don’t know. She’s just great.”

One of the things keeping the young actress grounded is that, like most 18-year-olds, she still lives at home.

“It’s not just about the Hollywood world, you know?” she said. “It’s nice to make sure you have your regular life. I mean I live with my parents, my grandma lives with us as well, and she used to go with me on all my films. And I went to a regular school. My friends are not even in the business at all. You have an escape, and you have your life. I mean, movies are my life, but there’s also more.”

Fanning, who has two films coming out before the end of the year (one directed by Ben Affleck, the other by Mike Mills), said she was looking forward to her next project, a remake of 1971’s "The Beguiled," which has her reuniting with Sofia Coppola.

“We start filming at the end of October,” she said. “It’s going to be so much fun. I worked with Nicole [Kidman] on a film not too long ago, and Kirsten [Dunst] lives very close to me and is a friend of my sister and I. It’s going to be so many girls. And Colin Farrell is in it too, so that’s not too bad.”

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