What Danielle wants

With the holidays approaching, we're asking W editors to share what's on their wish list. Here's what Senior Editor Danielle Stein is hoping for this year. Shure Earbuds, $79.99 My ears are too small for...


My ears are too small for standard earbuds, so I’m currently the freak at the gym who runs on the treadmill while sporting ginormous over-the-head DJ-style earphones. But these sound-isolating earbuds come with a “fit kit” that includes three different sizes of earbuds each in two materials—foam and rubber.

A couple weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and turned on the TV, at which point I became mesmerized by an infomercial for this gadget, which is sort of like the Magic Bullet, only a whole lot more streamlined. I scoured the internet for user reviews and it seems the Ninja Master Prep is universally beloved by all who purchase it. It apparently crushes ice with great ease, so I think it will make my breakfast smoothie—now concocted in a very large and temperamental blender—much easier to make and clean up.

I’ve spent the last few years carrying around my credit cards, cash, IDs, receipts and business cards in a tiny green crocodile card carrier that is perpetually bursting at the seams, George Costanza-style. It’s time for an upgrade. This wallet has enough pockets to hold all of the junk I accumulate, plus a change purse. I want the hot pink version so I can quickly find it in the depths of my jam-packed Mary Poppins-sized handbags.

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