A new agey jeweler’s (semi) naked ambition

There's a decent (if slightly suspect) reason why Danna Weiss (left) is starkers from the waist up on the website for her line, Conscious Jewelry. According to the designer, when she originally shot her...


“Some people absolutely love it, and others are totally violated by it.” I’m a bit more Switzerland about the whole thing. Besides, I was there to hear about bijoux, not B cups. So after a few bites of (oddly delicious) tree nut cheese, I kneeled on a silk cushion and dove into her sea of luxe stones. My mission: To select the one that “spoke” to me. Since each of Weiss’s rocks is imbued with its own special gestalt, as well as the (alleged) ability to heal various ailments, wearers are supposedly drawn to the one that both describes who they are and addresses all their bodily bits that need fixing.