Inside Delfina Delettrez's London Store

Inside Delfina Delettrez’s London Store

When the jewelry designer and Fendi heiress Delfina Delettrez decided to open her first London boutique, she reached out to Rafael de Cárdenas, the New York-based architect. “The design reflects Delfina's continued exploration of materials and shapes in her work,” explained de Cárdenas of the cave-like steel, brass and stone space, which opened during London Fashion Week. “I wanted to contrast industrial materials like satin brass and polished stainless steel with dark wood, fur, and most notably, the malachite green.” Although the store is on London’s Mount Street, there isn’t anything at all British about it. “On one hand, it feels very decadent with walls lined in green mirrors and the rococo trompe l'oeil that dominates the space. At the same time, it’s also very elegant and incorporates 1950's Italian modernist furniture by Fontana Arte and Gio Ponti,” he said, adding, “it feels ancient, Italian, and romantic.”