Frozen Garden

Delfina Delettrez Fendi gives us the dirt on her new collection.

Delfina Delettrez Triangle Earring

“It was while watching [my daughter, Emma] while she made her daisy crowns that I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to wear real flowers like jewelry even as a grown up,” explained jewelry designer, fourth-generation Fendi, and young mother Delfina Delettrez. And when there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, the way turned out to be “Frozen Gardens,” a capsule collection for that includes four flora-in-resin pieces, each resembling something one might imagine in a romantic, gothic science experiment-gone-right. “I have more of a golden thumb than a green one,” she admitted. We’re giving her an A, regardless.

Watch a short film made by PES, inspired by the collection, below:

Photos: Frozen Garden

Delfina Delettrez Triangle Earring, $215,

Delfina Delettrez Resin Bracelet, $510,

Delfina Delettrez Long Necklace, $591,

Delfina Delettrez Triangle Ring, $301,