For the December issue, West Coast Editor Kevin West interviewed the age-defying Demi Moore. "She was more serious and reflective than I was expecting," he says of the 47-year-old über star. "She has a good objective eye, meaning that she's able to step back and look at her work from various points of view."

The interview took place at the end of a long day, after W's Mert & Marcus shoot at L.A.'s Milk Studios. "Call time for the shoot was 10 am, we didn't sit down for the interview until 7:30 that evening. One of the things that was striking about her is that she's a real pro," says West. "I was worried that she would be exhausted -- she and Ashton had just gotten back from Africa, where they had gone on safari to celebrate their 4th anniversary. I wondered if she would really have the energy to do it, but she really pulled it together."


And for all those who are curious as to whether Kabbalah continues to be Demi's guiding light, West explains, "she used some of that Kaballah-speak about overcoming obstables, but I didn't really bang on about that, as it's been so covered." Still, notes West, "she did have one of those red string bracelets on."

Read Kevin West's interview with Demi Moore HERE.

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