Diane Keaton Filmed an Unintentional Coronavirus Clothing Donation PSA

You may think hauling your discarded items to the nearest thrift store is a good idea, but think twice before you head out.

diane keaton donating clothes
Image courtesy of Diane Keaton/Instag

The question of what to do with all of those clothes in your overflowing closet has not escaped Diane Keaton.

It’s an especially topical thing to do right now, since everyone is stuck at home during a pandemic and has nothing better to do than clean and organize, Marie Kondo-style.

So, the actress has entered spring cleaning mode, according to a video she shared on her Instagram, which involved her cleaning out her closet that is, of course, mostly filled with black clothes. “I have lived here for three years and my closet is jam packed with way too many clothes!!! It’s time for me to get over myself and let it go! I don’t need all of this,” she wrote.

She then gives a tour of her shoe closet, and promises to part with a couple of belts (especially the blue one, because, you know, she never wears blue), some jackets, and some heeled boots with flames licking up the sides. Her black and white polka-dot clown shoes, however, made it into the “keep” pile. (The JNCO’s don’t make an appearance in this video, but we hope she kept them too).

There’s only one problem with purging your closet in a pandemic, though, even when you’re a celebrity as big as Keaton. With her mask on and garbage bags filled with discarded items to donate in hand, the actress made it all the way to Goodwill. But due to COVID-19 concerns, the store is closed.

Plenty of thrift stores and donation centers are either on the verge of closing or have been forced to close their doors, due to so many people using this time as an attempt to get rid of anything in their home that doesn’t spark joy and dropping off their items at overloaded centers that don’t have enough room (or demand from the general public) to sell them all.

So, really, the only ethical way to empty your closet in the middle of this global pandemic is to just hold onto your garbage bags full of items to donate and wait until the fall to get rid of them. It’ll make summertime feel a little bit more crowded inside your home, but it’s the responsible thing to do.

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