At the age of 71, Diane Keaton has an Oscar for her leading role in Annie Hall, plus two other nominations. And thats not all: She's the author of three books, one of which is a photography book; she owns her own wine company called The Keaton; she's the mother of two adopted children; and has dated three of Hollywood's leading men: Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, and Al Pacino. Recently, she also made her major television debut on The Young Pope.

On top of all that, Diane Keaton is a true style icon who also keeps up a personal Instagram account—but with only around 4,000 followers, it's perhaps her most under-appreciated work to date.

Where are you, Keaton fans? This account is worth a follow.

Keaton first joined Instagram 100 weeks ago with a post of artist Robert Gober's candlestick leg. But then she didn't post again for 95 weeks, only recently returning with a photograph of her golden retriever. She's since gone on to post about her new white wine, her brother Randy's collages, and shared her first Boomerang for a L'Oreal sponsored post. But we're also learning so much more about Keaton through her funky filtered account.

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For example, while filming The Young Pope in Rome, she became obsessed with ancient busts and photographed all the ones she encountered. She also wishes she was related to Buster Keaton, has a preference for all-caps, and recently found herself in an "abandoned mansion." And when she's not posting current iPhone photos, she's either sharing her favorites by famous photographers, or her own professional photos that she took back in the day. One from her trip to Elvis' Graceland mansion in the '70s is captioned: "I WONDER IF THE TV IS STILL THERE. NICE FIRE EXTINGUISHER."

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In sum, Keaton's Instagram account is a window into the quirky, creative, and downright original mindset of the Hollywood icon. It's a little photography, a little style, and bits and pieces of her personal life. As with all her work though, it deserves recognition, and we can't wait to see more.

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