For photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras, 23, Disney characters were the first celebrities he worshipped. Whether it was Aladdin or Mickey Mouse, these animations sparked his imagination both for their style and aura. Now based in Athens, Greece, Masouras spends his time working on his "Animation In Reality" Instagram project, which combines Disney characters with modern deities like Kim Kardashian. He has an eye for matching the style of characters with real life people and runway shows, like The Evil Queen with Marc Jacobs' dark Fall 2016 collection. Most recently, he transformed W's June/July cover star Cara Delevingne into Cinderella, which is when he caught our attention.

When did you start this account and why? In 2012, but I started the #AnimationInReality project two years ago when I bought my new smartphone. I was checking out the camera and taking pictures all over Athens when I came across a cloud that looked like the Batman logo. The moment I started editing this photo the idea was born in my mind.

Big break: Last October, when Beth Ditto and Marc Jacobs shared one of my photos, which was Ursula [from The Little Mermaid] as Beth Ditto on the runaway.

How do you decide which characters to pair with each photo? Sometimes I am inspired by the character/aura of the celebrity, sometimes by his/her style that matches the cartoon, and there are also the times that I focus on humor and spontaneity!

Favorite Disney character growing up: Mickey Mouse.

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Which character do you most identify with today? I think Cinderella, because everyone wants to find their prince or princess so they can get out of a miserable life. LOL!

Most stylish Disney characters of all time: Elsa and Jasmine.

Best-looking Disney movie: Aladdin.

What do you think your work reveals about celebrity culture and fashion? Disney characters were our childhood's celebrities. I would like to help the now-adult audience to be able to follow their once-favorite celebs in contemporary situations, and thus make them a little bit nostalgic for an "innocence lost era," which with a little bit of imagination is not that lost after all. You just have to take a look at my Instagram!

How do you unplug? I like walking aimlessly around Athens listening to music; it feels like you are alone in the whole world, even though this city is always busy. Plus, I always find interesting things to photograph even in these aimless walks.

Greatest accomplishment: That people from fashion industry respond positively to my work. This make me happy.

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