Donald Trump Closes Campaign By Attacking Beyoncé

With apparently nothing left to criticize, Donald Trump decides to get entangled in a spat with Beyoncé in the homestretch of the campaign.

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Over the course of his campaign, Donald Trump has insulted and feuded with all of womankind, the entire country of Mexico, war heroes and Purple Heart recipients, America’s airports, the leadership of his own party, Muslims, the disabled, gold star families, Saturday Night Live, T-Mobile, most media organizations, the general public…you get the picture. Two weeks ago, The New York Times even pulled together an exhaustive 282-place list of all the things Trump has insulted on Twitter since he declared his candidacy.

With just days to go in the election, the man who once gave a completely unprompted explanation about why Rosie O’Donnell deserved to be called ugly in the middle of a presidential debate has decided to go all in on his petty feuds by going after perhaps the most beloved woman in America.

Yes, in the closing days of the campaign, Trump has decided to go after Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z.

Queen Bee played a last-minute concert on behalf of possible President H over the weekend in Ohio, which seems to have really upset Trump. Though his campaign has reportedly taken over Trump’s Twitter account, he let his feeling be known at rallies throughout the weekend.

“Nobody goes to her rallies. So she got Jay Z and Beyoncé, and the language they used was so bad,” Trump said today at a rally in Florida. “The language is so bad. As they were singing? Singing, right? Talking? Was it talking or singing? I don’t know. But the language – by both – but the language was so bad, that many of the people left. By the time Hillary got up, there was nobody there.”

“Isn’t it amazing that when Jay Z and Beyonce use the filthy language they use in the songs – using words that, if I ever said those words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric chair, right? Right? It’s true,” he continued.

The remarks followed ones Trump made earlier in the weekend in which he stated that he believed teaming with Beyoncé is somehow cheating.

“The reason Hillary has to do that is, nobody comes for her. She can’t fill a room,” he said. “That’s almost like a form of cheating, right?”

On CNN Scottie Nell Hughes, a paid Trump surrogate, also criticized Jay Z for the fact that one of his videos once portrayed someone throwing a “mazel tov cocktail.” She meant Molotov cocktail, of course.

This is of course far from the first time Bey and Jay have drawn the ire of Conservatives. Pundits like Bill O’Reilly have long criticized Jay Z for his admitted past as a teenage drug dealer, and much earlier in this election cycle former candidate Mike Huckabee claims that Jay Z was acting like Beyoncé’s “pimp.” Beyoncé “Formation” video, Super Bowl performance and, most recently, her duet with the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Association Awards also received conservative criticism for their perceived politics.

And, sure, some of that is to be expected in normal news cycles from straining-for-attention voices, yet, here we are with the amount of time left in this election countable by hours, and one of the major candidates is using his time to feud with Beyoncé. Something Twitter can’t quite get over.

Anyway, make sure to get out and vote tomorrow.