Donna Karan New York’s lamb Leo tote, $2,295, at Donna Karan, 866.240.4700.

In her never-ending quest to slip a little hip spirituality into our workaday lives, Donna Karan is unveiling a zodiac-inspired handbag collection for fall. Built to last in more ways than one, the roomy shapes (including totes, buckets, satchels and messengers) are gussied up with deliberately tarnished metal hardware and have a timeless, lived-in vibe. Which isn’t to say these Libras, Scorpios and Leos aren’t luxe; cast in crocodile, ostrich and glazed goatskin, they’re embellished with asymmetrical seams, tucks and contrasting hand-stitching. There’s also an evening assortment, including pouches and clutches in satin, python and sheared fur. Here’s to being born on the cusp.