Radio Head

Dermatologist and SiriusXM radio star Fredric Brandt fields our questions.


Though the portrait that graces Dr. Brandt skincare products is that of a very serious-looking man, the dermatologist is actually quite a cutup. Add to that his expertise in all things filler and laser, and Fredric Brandt is the kind of person you’d want sitting next to you at a dinner party. It also might explain why he’s got his own radio show, “Ask Dr. Brandt,” debuting this fall on SiriusXM Stars. To help him warm up for his new gig, we threw a few questions his way.

When you guested on “Doctor Radio” on SiriusXM, what were the most commonly asked questions? “I’m in my mid-30s. How can I prevent aging?” I tell them: “Make sure you’re wearing sunblock.” I also go into health a lot—vitamins, how nutrition affects your skin. I recommend vitamin C, carnosine, homocysteine blockers, biotin, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, and zinc. They’re also very interested in lasers, though they think there’s one laser that does everything. We take all this knowledge for granted because we live in this bubble, but you cannot imagine how many women don’t know the difference between Botox and filler. Would you treat a man’s face differently from a woman’s? Definitely. Men want to look more natural—you don’t want to feminize them. I’d use Botox to give them a flat brow; it’s more masculine. The same with fillers. You want a little fullness in the upper cheek, higher than it is in a woman’s. Midface, very hollow—then a strong jawline.

Is it true that when you get lipo, the fat cells come back in other places? Liposuction does remove fat cells, but it is not a license to eat. If you eat enough, the fat cells will enlarge in other areas where women tend to store fat—hips, thighs, abdomen, sometimes breasts. Of course, women would love it if it went to their breasts, but it’s a crapshoot. You could chase your fat with lipo, but we don’t recommend it. It’s easier to chase off your fat at the gym.

If you were to pick one product to use for the rest of your life—something that would be in every woman’s medicine cabinet—what would it be? Sunblock. Is too much sun exposure still the worst thing you can do? Yes, followed by smoking, or worst of all, a combination of both.

Will you have guests on “Ask Dr. Brandt”? So far, Naomi Campbell has agreed to come on, and Joy Behar. Mostly they’ll be people I know. They have a big amphitheater at the studio, so we plan to do some live shows. We’ll do makeovers, then simultaneously stream them on the Web.

Who is your idea of an older woman who has aged gracefully—and without any intervention, as far as you can tell? Diane von Furstenberg looks very healthy and rested. She’s not line-free, but she does have a nice glow and aura. She carries herself well and she has a very youthful spirit.

Photo courtesy of Jason Frank Rothenberg