Your Best Skin Ever: New York’s Most In-Demand Dermatologist Breaks Down the Myths of Instagram Perfect Skin

Get your best skin ever, thanks to these tips from the pros.

Anna Ewers, 1960s
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It’s the end of summer and reality sets in. The harsh fluorescent office lights replace the glorious sun and the implications become apparent. You notice the tan you returned from vacation with decided to bring along a pack of moles, freckles, and dry skin that’s crept up on your hands while you type away at your desk. Alas, sun damage is an inescapable part of life we must learn to live with. For many women, no matter how often you re-apply sunscreen, wear your hat and soak yourself in moisturizer, the sun gets you. This begs the quandary women all over the world are faced with: how do we repair our skin post-summer? Here, the most respected celebrity skin experts across America to weigh in.

Achieving clean, beautiful skin is an individualized dance of trial and error. Women have become accustomed to plunking down small fortunes without batting an eye if it delivers the skin suppleness of a toddler. While this form of self-care does require less effort than running a 5k every morning, you have to remember that genetics, lifestyle, and an intelligent skin regimen will most likely determine the state of your skin more than any set of products. Which is exactly why we’ve turned to celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert. The New York Dermatology Group founder is a man who doesn’t mince words when it comes to good skincare. As the force behind the complexions of Robin Wright, Sienna Miller, and Catriona Balfe, to name a few, Colbert has an effective philosophy for full body skincare that doesn’t always mean having to go after the latest product craze because someone on Instagram swears by it. So the next time you part with half your paycheck for the new miracle 3-step skin treatment, you may want to consider his candid wisdom below.

Do you believe in dry brushing or body scrub treatments?

No, salt scrubs and body scrubs can feel great and be very relaxing, but they have no proven clinical benefits.

Are there any treatments you offer that really make a difference?

Fraxel, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, Picosure laser, and infrared skin tightening can all improve skin appearance. What about the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, varicose veins?

There is no way to prevent stretch marks except avoiding pregnancy and massive weight gain. Varicose veins are sometimes genetic and we can sometimes alter our genetic destiny by wearing support hose stockings, eliminating long periods of standing, minimizing high salt intake, and minimizing massive weight gain.

During summer, what is the best thing to do for your skin after being in the sun?

A number of things would be helpful, like a 
a cool soak or a Lightstim Face Panel. A few products would help too; all of these products reduce inflammation and redness from too much sun: 
Tone Control Discs by Colbert MD, Colbert MD Soothe Night Cream, NYDG Luminizing Essence, and NYDG Oatmeal Cleanser, which is soothing to the skin.

Any vitamin supplements out there that are beneficial to healthy skin?

I address this in my book The High School Reunion Diet. My favorite super foods for healthy skin are Greek yogurt, kale or green leafy vegetables, white fish, cooking with olive oil, and healthy nuts, such as almonds and pistachios. And, of course, avoid high fructose corn, palm nut oil, and processed foods. What are the biggest skin misconceptions out there?

That it’s too late to correct the damage you did in your foolish younger years. It’s never too late to repair your skin! That you need to wash your face three times a day. That aggressive exfoliation on a regular basis is good for you. It isn’t—it dries your skin out. That you need plastic surgery to look ten years younger. You can look ten to 15 years younger with the right dermatology procedures!