By the numbers, the Drake single "One Dance" lays a strong claim to the song of the summer title. It's ubiquitous, catchy, and danceable, and it's landed at Billboard's number-one spot for the summer based on its performance from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Labor Day is behind us, though, and in Toronto, stars like Laura Carmichael, Sarah Gadon, and Ziyi Zhang are proving "One Dance" has a half-life longer than the summer months alone.

Child actress Lola Flanery, 11, might not quite grasp all the lyrics of Drake's single "One Dance," but she has the attitude to pull off a reimagining of the track alongside actors and actresses many years her senior. She's just one of the promising stars of the Toronto International Film Festival who lend their dramatic chops to a reading of "One Dance," the rapper's hit single (and Teen Choice Award-winning track) off his most recent record Views. Joining her is a cast of actors and actresses from around the world, who each bring a share of deadpan humor — while struggling to keep a straight face — to the track.

Despite the high-watt stars around her, it's regularly Flanery who steals the show: She giggles and wrinkles her nose before reading, "You know that I don't play. Street's not safe, but I never run away." Zhang, too, gives it her own flair, murmuring, "Wine it, wine it, very long time," with a warning finger shake, then winking knowingly.

"Wine it," Flanery instructs at the end, going off-script. "You gotta wine it."