[#image: /photos/585389196666b2eb4762da27]||||||As fashion week kicks off in the Chic Apple and editors ponder what to wear to show after show, there's one trick that always works for me: Take your cue from one of the designers you're going to see that day.

Friday I was off to
Rag & Bone, which is known for its hip tailoring, so I wore a YSL gingham blouse with a high-waist, sleek black Earnest Sewn skirt. On water-logged Saturday, it was all about ease and comfort, so I opted for a tan cotton Balenciaga top with 60s-inspired jeans that I picked up in St. Tropez this summer--perfect for the
Lacoste show, whose theme was the south of France.

And yesterday, I was in full-on fall denial in my white Proenza dress. It meshed well with Patrick Robinson's
Gap presentation (see WWD's coverage here), a lingering reminder of a cool white summer.

Photos by Thomas Iannaccone (left) and Steve Eichner.