If you're a big enough Drybar fanatic (and many have claimed addict status), you may have already caught wind that the rapidly-growing chain of blow dry-only salons is launching a line of nine hair products and eight hair tools. The line includes the standard shampoo, conditioner, and stylers, each of which continue with Drybar’s notably-punny alcohol theme. A few of my favorites are a treatment oil called 100 Proof, a dry shampoo called Detox, and a curling iron called 3-Day Bender. As if the names aren’t charming enough, Drybar founder and stylist Alli Webb and her graphic designer husband Cameron Webb created a for-editors-only tester kit of the product range in a six-pack carrier. (Unfortunately, there are no plans to offer such a six-pack for consumers.) I plan on packing all these little guys for my holiday trip home, but for non-editors out there, you'll have to wait until the new year before you get to go bottoms up with your hair: You'll find the range in Drybars and on thedrybar.com in mid-January, and at Sephora in March.