Dua Lipa Has Some New Rule Suggestions for the Music Industry: No Sexism

“It might not seem a lot, but it affects your mood.”

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Though onstage Dua Lipa is a strong advocate of the IDGAF attitude, in real life, the British pop star is fully aware of the fact that, for most people, it’s almost impossible to actually adopt an IDGAF attitude, thanks to the sexism that’s prevalent in nearly every aspect of our lives. In her cover interview for the May 2018 issue of British GQ, Lipa opened up about the ways she and other women are held back both in the music industry and out in the world, when they’re just trying to live their lives.

“For a female artist, it takes a lot more to be taken seriously if you’re not sat down at a piano or with a guitar, you know? For a male artist, people instantly assume they write their own music, but for women, they assume it’s all manufactured,” the 22-year-old said.

Lipe also expressed her support for the #MeToo movement and its mission to shed light on the everyday sexism faced by people in the workplace and beyond. “You know, even from school, growing up with kiss chase or whatever, it’s been ingrained in our heads that boys will be boys and it’s harmless fun and no big deal and to brush things off,” the “New Rules” singer said. “Like catcalling. To some it might not seem a lot, but it affects your mood; people get embarrassed about the way they dress. For lots of females, be it actresses, singers, models, no matter what it is, it’s not being able to have the right to dress and wear how and what you want and be taken seriously.”

Mariano Vivanco/British GQ

Earlier this year, Dua thanked the women who have come before her and broken down barriers to make it easier for her and other young women to pursue their dreams and demand respect. “I want to thank every single female who has been on this stage before me that has given girls like me — not just girls in the music industry, but girls in society — a place to be inspired by and look up to and have allowed us to dream this big,” she said while accepting the BRIT Award for best female solo artist in February. “Here’s to more women on these stages, more women winning awards, and more women taking over the world.”

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