Dylan Jagger Lee first came onto the scene when he attended the Saint Laurent menswear show in Los Angeles with his brother, Brandon Thomas Lee. Since then, the 19-year-old son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee has become a regular at fashion week, and a W favorite. In fact, Lee is the latest star of W's video series "In Bed With," a playful video in which the he talks about his celebrity crush, what his hair looks like in the morning, and his go-to karaoke song.

Here, the surfer, musician, and model reveals his grooming secrets, from his diet and exercise routine to why he likes girls without makeup.

Your look in three words:
Simple but unique. 

Travel kit snapshot:
 Anytime I fly I always bring my Kiehls Face Moisturizer, some chapstick and my Versace cologne. Other than that I always bring my Macbook computer and my midi controller "piano keyboard" so I can work on music on the plane or in my hotel.

A good hair day starts with: 
I actually don't use any hair product! I usually just go for a surf in the morning and leave it up to the ocean to work its magic.

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Sheet mask or mud mask:
I'm going to go with the mud mask! I love anything Kiehls.

Electric or clean shave?
Clean shave! 

Beauty from the inside out:
I think nutrition is really important to take into consideration. I look at it like this: if you eat something "good" for you....how could it be "bad" for you. I usually just eat Acai bowls all day! 

Exercise obsession:
I'm never really at the gym! My work out obsession is surfing and going on beach runs with my dog. Make exercise fun!

Nighttime skincare rituals:
I take a steam before I go to bed and wash my face with my Kiehls Face Scrub. After, I’ll use some moisturizer then it's time for bed!

In tub must have: 
If I'm in the tub I must have bubbles. Tons and tons of bubbles. Also a bath bomb from Lush and I guess my rubber ducky should be hanging out with me, too.

What makes you feel sexiest?
When I'm shirtless in bed and playing my guitar.

Favorite beauty look on a girl?
No make up. I say this because if a girl has no make up on she's confident. And confidence is beautiful thing!

After shave or moisturizer?
Moisturizer, for sure, because I love the feeling. 

A man should smell like:
I use a Versace cologne and it smells so good.

You’re staying in for the night, you are:
If I'm in for the night, I'm writing music. I’m either playing the piano, playing the guitar or producing on my computer. I find that really relaxing. That's usually my night everyday. Music, music, music!

Would you say your ambition is to be a musician?
Yes! As of right now I am working really hard to become a music producer/DJ. That is my dream and I want it to become a reality. I work everyday on my music and I hope that soon I can make it happen! My favorite group/artists would be The Chainsmokers, Jack ü (Skrillex and Diplo), Dillon Francis, and Zedd. Those are the people who inspire me. My genre of music that I love to produce is "pop EDM" or “future bass”. Its really "festival" music that you can dance to!