[#image: /photos/585385f26666b2eb4762d937]||||||Every once in a while, there's an item that catches the eye of more than a few W staffers. Calypso's polished yet bohemian silk Pazzi dress has certainly attracted a following in our offices. Perry Nelson recently wore her cherry red version, inspiring me to put on my iridescent green Pazzi one the next day. Brooke Magnaghi and Dana Wood wear theirs in girlish hues of pink and purple (Wood reports that it fares well in the washing machine), and both Catherine Hong and Haven Thompson have it in violet.

The $195 dress, introduced just a year ago, has become something of a staple for the company--it's been produced in 75 colors. We even spotted socialite Arriana Boardman (above right) wearing a Pazzi to a NRDC benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street not too long ago. Some standout shades from the new spring/summer collection are Saffron (a brilliant orange) and Aegean (a sea blue), but bargain hunters note: a few hues from the most recent cruise collection are currently on sale online for just $89 a piece.