With her shorn cut and newly blonde locks, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss almost passed us right by. But we got to ask her about her beauty look before she headed into W's Generation W soiree last night.


The color! The cut! When did this all happen?
Well, I've been cutting it since June. I was working in New Zealand for five months on this Jane Campion project, and I just needed something different, so I went blonde and then I went short, and then I went shorter and shorter and shorter until I realized, "That's it! I have to stop now!"

Who cut it?
The first person who cut it was in Australia, but Tommy Buckett [at Marie Robinson in New York] was the one who took me really short.

Is it wash and wear?
Yes! I can't even operate a blowdryer. Just being able to let it dry, then spray some shit in it and it's done--that's all I'm capable of.

You had it styled for tonight though...
Oh yes, of course. For, like, an hour. It's ridiculous.

Do you get it colored at Marie Robinson, too?
Yes, this lovely woman named Caroline Buckler does it. She's fantastic.

Whose lipstick are you wearing?
Tom Ford.

Your skin is kind of perfect. Do you get facials?
No, not really. I love beauty products. I'm a bit of a junkie. I change all the time. I love Kate Sommerville, especially her cleansers. And I love La Mer, because they've come out with products that are a little bit lighter for oily skin, but still have the moisturizing effects.

Have you tried their new one? It's called...
Oh, the Soft Cream! I love it! I just bought it at Heathrow. The best shopping in the world is at Heathrow Airport.

Have you started shooting season six of Mad Men yet?
We start shooting in October. I know nothing! They're just writing it now. I get the frustration. I just finished watching Breaking Bad and I'm so angry that I can't see it for another year. I'm actually upset about it, so I get it. I get the anticipation.

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Photos: Billy Farrell Agency