Endless Summer

Tome extends the season for Elyse Walker.

Ramon Martin, Elyse Walker, and Ryan Lobo

What: A dinner party toasting Tome’s new capsule for Forward by Elyse Walker hosted by Walker and Tome designers, Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin.

When: Thursday, October 15th

Where: Terrine restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Who: Walker and the Tome team were joined by Tori Praver, Angela Lindvall, and Louise Roe.

Why: FORWARD byElyse Walker extends the season for Tome by offering the brand’s most covetable spring pieces in new colors for Fall.And isn’t season-less style worth celebrating?

Photos: Endless Summer

Ramon Martin, Elyse Walker, and Ryan Lobo. Photo by Getty Images.

Louise Roe. Photo by Getty Images.

Angela Lindvall and Tori Praver. Photo by Getty Images.

Isabella Lindblom. Photo by Getty Images.