There is messy, and then there is the Hoarders level of mess that can only be used to describe Emily Ratajkowski's former car. Today in "Stars — they're just like us!" comes the model and actress' interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where she opens up about her former vehicle she describes as "truly a garbage dump." The life she presents on Instagram may seem on the glamorous side, but there's always something that gets cropped out.

"So this is the inside of my car — no longer, but she was my baby for about eight years," Ratajkowski tells the talk show host after he shows her a picture of it posted to Reddit. "When most people say their car is messy they mean like dog hair and one iced coffee. [But] I'm not cute-messy. I'm real messy. So one day I went on Reddit — which no one should do, to look up their own name — and I saw someone said something nice about me like, 'Emily Ratajkowski is great to work with,' and I clicked on it and he's like, 'Then I drove her car.'"

She isn't kidding: In the photo, you can see the floor on both the driver's side and passenger's side is loaded with towering heaps of trash. But how did it get that way? "I think it made me feel at home," she says, when asked why she didn't get her car washed. "[The car] truly is a garbage dump. I cleaned it before I got rid of it and there was everything from tampons to a marionette. Some old albums. There was sort of a landing zone for your feet when you got in so you could be padded... My car was so bad that when I went to get my 2016 Christmas tree, we had to take the ties off from the 2015 Christmas tree."

This year, however, when Christmas approaches that won't be an issue as Ratajkowski has since traded in her beloved old car for a new one. As for how it compares to the now-iconic old one she lovingly named "Bubble Butt" — due to its rear always sticking out when she attempted to parallel park — Ratajkowski says, "We're only two weeks into the new car."

Surely though, she's learned to keep her car tidier by now — if not because of it one day ending up on Reddit, maybe because she's recently found the value of a clean car. Earlier this year, when she was en route to Cannes, Ratajkowski had to use her car as a makeshift atelier. "We were sewing in the car," she told Page Six of her dramatic black gown. It "wasn’t finished because it was custom made [by] Peter Dundas. We were literally in traffic while he was sewing . . . to get it perfect."

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Watch the clip below, which serves as excellent motivation to get organized on the road and at home.


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