The Internet was shocked, riveted, bamboozled and altogether flabbergasted to learn on Friday that model and actress Emily Ratajkowski had up and married her boyfriend of just a few weeks, Sebastian Bear-McClard in a surprise courthouse wedding. Congratulations to the new couple, of course—but also, just who exactly is Sebastian Bear-McClard? It's a question on everyone's minds, so we've scoured the Internet an have rounded up all of the pertinent facts and figures for your edification, here. You're welcome.

To begin, Bear-McClard is an actor (well, his last acting credit is from 2006, but still), writer, director and producer whose recent credits include producing the gritty Heaven Knows What and last year's acclaimed heist thrilled Good Time starring Robert Pattinson.

According to Harper's Bazaar, Bear-McClard and the Safdie brothers, who wrote and directed Good Time, are partners in Elara Pictures and have a number of exciting projects in the works including "a Jonah Hill movie" (a thriller called Uncit Gems), and "the 48 Hours remake." The remake of the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte classic will have "Bear-McClard...producing, and Ronald Bronstein and The Charmichael Show creator Jerrod Carmichael are writing the script with Josh Safdie."

We don't exactly how long he and EmRata have been together, but the NY Daily News notes that "Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski were first photographed out, getting cuddly, in mid-February." More specifically, they were spotted making out and cuddling in Los Angeles around Valentine's Day. Ratajkowski, 26, was previously with music producer Jeff Magid for a few years.

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And if ou were wondering how Internet personality The Fat Jewish ended up attending the wedding ceremony, he and the groom are apparently friends, having posed together at a Tribeca Film Festival event in 2014, per Harper's Bazaar.

Speaking of the Internet, Bear-McClard's Instagram is, uh, interesting. There are no posts that have anything to do with his relationship, but clearly see that he loves his friends, dogs, and smoking various substances. And his sense of humor to put this...brash? Take a look for yourself and make of it what you will:

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