There's one thing that's certain when it comes to Emma Stone's wardrobe: The woman doesn't shy away from color. From electric blue Prada to marigold Rochas, she's proved herself more than capable of carrying looks that might overwhelm the fashion mortals among us. But for a recent screening of La La Land, for which Stone has already won a Golden Globe and looks poised to at least earn an Oscar nomination, the actress opted for a more understated, though no less vivid, color: a deep wine-colored slip dress by The Row, paired with a satiny cabernet lip. And, while chartreuse and various shades of neon suit her quite well, the jewel tone has us thinking she's finally found her look.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone in The Row at a screening of *La La Land* in London, England, January 2017.

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Who: Emma Stone.

When: Thursday, January 12.

Where: A screening of her new film, La La Land, at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, England.

What: A cabernet-colored silk slip dress by The Row with black sandals, a dark red lip, and vintage-inspired waves with a few delicate rings and earrings.

Why: Emma Stone's looks throughout the red carpet extravaganza of La La Land have overwhelmingly broadcast the desired message: Stone is a movie star. For the Golden Globes, she accepted her award for Best Actress in a Movie, Musical or Comedy, in a custom Valentino creation adorned with sparkling stars. As the tour of screenings, premieres, and awards rolls on, she's broken out Chanel couture and an array of designers big and small, cult and mainstream — finally landing here on The Row, in what might be her best look yet. Understated, yet unspeakably glamorous, it combines all the midcentury appeal of the movie she stars in (it riffs on, but is also an homage to, old-school movie musicals of Golden Age Hollywood) with a contemporary edge. Retro-inspired curls, an elegant slip, and subtle black sandals: This look is one to bookmark.

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