Harry Potter Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Throwback Pic of Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling

“Sexy and scary!” Watson captioned the snap. “You smashed this,”

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Dave Hogan

In celebration of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s birthday, Emma Watson (forever Hermione Granger) posted a throwback photo of herself, Rowling, and fellow HP actress Evanna Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood). The three were shot at some sort of costume party–Watson is dressed as Wonder Woman, Lynch as some sort of mystical cat, and Rowling sported a glamorous black halter dress with gory face paint, a horn sprouting from her forehead.

“Sexy and scary! You smashed this,” Watson captioned the snap. “All the love to you Jo. Happy Birthday!!!! Extra points to @msevylynch for being the most perfect cat.”

Lynch was happily surprised. “Ahhhh,” she commented. “I didn’t know this photo existed!!!!”

Fans promptly lost their minds. “THIS PICTURE MADE MY DAY,” one wrote. Another wished Rowling an intensely emotional happy birthday, writing, “Happy birthday Jk Rowling, the strongest woman in the universe, and happy birthday to Harry and Neville. We love you.” A third comment read, “Omg I’m crying happy tears;” another read “Emma Watson is the Wonder Woman we never knew we needed.”

Watson first auditioned for the Harry Potter franchise twenty years ago, meaning we are all very, very old. She and Rowling are close–Watson embodied a character to which the author feels quite connected.

“I know that Hermione is incredibly recognisable to a lot of readers and yet you don’t see a lot of Hermiones in film or on TV except to be laughed at,” Rowling told Watson in a print-only interview with Wonderland Magazine. “I mean that the intense, clever, in some ways not terribly self-aware, girl is rarely the heroine and I really wanted her to be the heroine. She is part of me, although she is not wholly me. I think that is how I might have appeared to people when I was younger, but that is not really how I was inside.”

We’re hoping for another reunion soon.