Photo by Amy Lombard, makeup by David Razzano for Sephora Pro, hair by Sean Bennett, nails by ‘CURE nyc.

Eric Schlösberg, formerly of Ammerman Schlösberg, is flying solo this season with his own eponymous line. In September, when he was doing his line with friend Elizabeth Ammerman, Schlösberg was fantasizing about what Marcia Brady’s “bad acid trip” would look like. Now, his muse is a rogue Blair Waldorf of sorts, a girl whose "entire life falls apart" on the Upper East Side, so she flees downtown to live with the crust punks of St. Mark's Place. Here, the imaginative 27-year-old talks about where he gets these wild ideas.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?
This collection is all about an upper east side society woman who's totally coming undone. Her entire life falls apart and she finds herself living with the punks on St. Mark's place. I told the makeup artist to think "Leigh Bowery on the Titanic."

Designers who inspire you:
Gaultier and Galliano forever.

Fashion pet peeve:
When people don’t untack the vent on their coats or jackets.

How do you see your collection fitting in to someone’s daily life?
She oozes "cool" and is effortlessly over the top. She lives her life like any modern woman would but she refuses to leave the house in anything less than cute. She wears her feelings on her sleeve, literally, and dresses for the person she is on that specific day, whatever mood she might be in.

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Most prized possession in your wardrobe:
I was 8 or 9 when my dad took me to a thrift shop in L.A. and bought me this black t-shirt with the grim reaper on it drinking a beer and smoking a joint. I wore it every day for years... It's a rag now but I could never get rid of it. I also have an old Meadham Kirchhoff sweater that I love and these super cute metallic baby pink Saint Laurent cowboy boots that I'm obsessed with. I also love my Margiela leather coat.

Favorite New York haunts:
The St. Mark's Church.

Favorite places to shop:
Gothic Renaissance, Search and Destroy, and Barneys.

Beauty icon:
Marilyn Manson.

What was your favorite color when you were little?
I had such a thing for anything and everything pink.

Instagram muses:
It's so easy to get lost in an Instagram k-hole and there are so many interesting people out there but I'm not much of a technology guy. I'm more inspired by the fantasies I create in my mind.

Photos by Amy Lombard, model Josefin Bresan, makeup by David Razzano for Sephora Pro, hair by Sean Bennett, nails by 'CURE nyc.