Erin Wasson's style has always been enviably laid-back and tomboyish. Even when she wore a head-to-toe sheer number (which she did to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards), she managed to look androgynous and cool, rather than overtly sexy. So, fine jewelry doesn't seem like the obvious choice for her foray into designing. But Wasson Fine, as the line is called, manages to be both precious and bold, understated and ornate. Rendered in 14k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and pearls, it's still the type of jewelry you could wear everyday. Here, the 34-year-old model talks her design inspiration, jewelry trend, and her own daily uniform.

What was your inspiration for the jewelry collection? Barnacles; this idea of these little organisms growing on the underbellies of boats. I wanted settings that felt like growths out of the metal. Barnacles typically grow in erosive settings which I think is quite romantic.

Did you have a girl in mind when you were designing? She's easy. She's into accessories more than fashion pieces. Her jewelry is her personal poetry.

What jewelry trends do you see currently? Lots of charm bits, things hanging off. Diamonds in a '90s way, and street-inspired chains and padlocks.

Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear everyday? Many. Two vintage gold and onyx rings and a gold Sidney Garber rolling bracelet.

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Do you have the less-is-more or more-is-more approach to jewelry and accessorizing? I used to fancy myself a pirate, but now I'm more personal and edited.

Three words that describe your style: Easy. Relaxed. Comfortable.

Daily uniform: T-shirt and jeans.

Favorite store in New York: Assembly.

Favorite vintage store: Ellen.

Nighttime look: An easy, throw-on dress.

Style icon: Françoise Hardy.

Best recent discovery: My man.

Style pet peeve: Trend overload.

Last purchase: Patent Miu Miu bag with bakelite straps.

What’s always in your bag: Passport and cigarettes.

Something you would never wear: A baby doll dress.

Most prized possession in your closet: An old McQueen velvet vest.

Summer wardrobe must-have: One Teaspoon denim shorts, bathing suits, and sunnies.