‘Euphoria’ Will Blessedly Be Back in 2020

In a victory for Gen Z, HBO confirmed the news on Sunday night.


Euphoria is coming back in 2020, according to HBO’s official Twitter account. On Sunday at 9 PM (right when the Watchmen season finale was airing) the network shared a trailer of its shows renewed for next season, including Succession, Westworld, and Euphoria. They haven’t announced an air date for the teen drama, but its second installment is definitely on the way.

In July, HBO confirmed that Euphoria would be getting a second season, right before they aired the season one finale–though they didn’t confirm when it would be showing said second season, and HBO shows are notorious for taking extremely long, British television-style breaks between seasons.

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has built an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the supremely talented Zendaya,” Francesca Orsi, executive vp HBO Programming, wrote in a press release at the time. “We are so grateful that he chose HBO as the home for this groundbreaking series. We look forward to following these complex characters as their journeys continue through the challenging world they inhabit.”

The cast–which includes Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Storm Reid, Angus Cloud, Maude Apatow, Alexa Demie, and Jacob Elordi–was ecstatic at the season two announcement, taking to social media to express their excitement (though considering the show’s season one cliffhanger, it’s unclear who exactly will be coming back for season two). As Sweeney told W in a July interview, they’re a tight crew.

“We all became friends so fast,” she said. “We were together for so long that you kind of become siblings.”

Fans are left with plenty of questions leading into the second season: What’s happening with Jules and Rue? Did Fez survive that robbery? And, uh, is Rue even alive, or did that music video montage at the end of the season one finale symbolize her death?

No matter what happens, HBO is surely expecting eyeballs on the second season; the show struck a chord, especially online. “It’s weird because [showrunner Sam Levinson] is an older man and he writes teenage girls very well,” Apatow told us in July. “It’s kind of the best writing for teenagers that I’ve ever seen. He really has nailed it. And, he really cares. He talks to us and asks our opinion. He’s very collaborative, which is really nice.”