Everything We Know So Far About Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4

Kanye West will unveil Yeezy Season 4 on September 7, the same day as Tom Ford, but will he have new music to debut along with it?

Billy Farrell/

Yeezy Season is returning to New York. Kanye West has confirmed he’ll be showing Yeezy Season 4 on the first day on New York Fashion Week.

When and where the show would go down (or, indeed, if it might even happen at all) has been a source of speculation in the fashion world for a while, but the answer to when was probably staring us all on in the face for months.

West is currently touring in support of “The Life of Saint Pablo,” the album he debuted during his Yeezy Season 3 presentation at Madison Square Garden in February flanked by the entire Kardashian brood. Back in June he announced he’ll be playing back-to-back dates at the Garden on September 5 and 6, so September 7 had seemed like the most likely day since then.

According to WWD, West will show sometime in the afternoon. So the only real logistical question is where exactly Kanye will show.

MSG is already booked out that day. The WNBA’s New York Liberty has dibs. So it’s unlikely West will unveil Yeezy Season 4 on such a grand scale as his last collection. Perhaps that wouldn’t be surprising if the Season 4 presentation was strictly focused on fashion, but there’s always the possibility that West could debut new music during the show as well.

Just weeks after debuting both Season 3 and “Pablo,” West took to Twitter to announce that he’s already at work on a follow-up album. He promised it would debut sometime this summer, and there’s only a few more weeks left in the season.

West is also supposedly at work finishing up “Cruel Winter,” the second compilation album from his Good Music Label and follow up to 2012’s “Cruel Summer.” The first single from “Winter” was actually dropped earlier this summer. Meanwhile West hasn’t mentioned much about “Turbo Grafx” lately. So who knows. Maybe he’ll just release yet another new update to “Pablo.” At the end of the day we’re talking about Fashion Week anyway.

Speaking of which, West will also have to vie for attention on a day which is already scheduled to include Tom Ford’s much awaited presentation and a party unveiling the Cartier Fifth Avenue maison. Both are scheduled for 7 p.m. that evening. Though, we doubt West will have to suffer much for attention, at least from the general populace.

The rapper and designer has allegedly been at work on Season 4 since February. Though, during that time he’s also been on tour, continued to tinker with and update “Pablo,” released the year’s most talked about music video, and actually scored a rare win in his perpetual feud with Taylor Swift. We’ll find out what he’s managed to do with his sartorial aesthetic during his busy year on the first day of Fashion Week.

Watch Kanye West-approved rapper and Yeezy Season 3 model Lil Yacht take Manhattan: