The Cheekbone Whisperer

W‘s beauty director recommends this facialist in a pinch.

Kariné Kazarian

“You have to do this exercise at home every day,” declares the facialist Kariné Kazarian as she pinches my sagging visage back up where it belongs. “Skin has memory!” Kazarian, who trained under star aesthetician Aida Bicaj, recently set up shop in New York’s Greenwich Village, where she’s waking up complexions with microcurrents, masks, and that pinching, which she calls plastic facial massage. She ends each session by gliding a cotton wand dipped in liquid nitrogen over the face and neck. “It kills bacteria, increases circulation, and tones,” she says. After two visits, my skin—according to a colleague—is “definitely more dewy.” Pinch me! (212.533.1010)