Quick! Renew that gym membership!

It's early days, but already we're seeing a huge focus on the legs, with a wide range of looks you won't want to hide under a tunic dress. So who's legging it for fall?
Rag & Bone, which revisited (and updated) a few ideas from a year ago;
Koi, with super-cute leggings with satin panels;
Alexander Wang, who dove into spandex via longer bike shorts and pants paired with cropped jackets; and
VPL, whose high-waisted leggings are sure to score a hit with color-lovers.

[#image: /photos/58538dc957dfc3b0230f81f3]||||||Looks from Alexander Wang and VPL.

Others offering up great leggy styles included
Preen (cool leather with cutouts, and sequin skinny pants in purple and pink) and
Jeremy Laing, whose chic baggy tulle offerings we loved. Comfy? No doubt. But as a general rule, leggings are a fit girl's game.

[#image: /photos/58538dc9e3d613c03e1ebe3a]||||||Three looks from Preen.

[#image: /photos/58538dcac7188f9b26c92e66]||||||Two looks from Jeremy Laing.

Photos: Rag & Bone, Koi: Giovanni Giannoni; Wang: John Aquino; VPL: George Chinsee; Preen: Talaya Centeno; Laing: Pasha Antonov.