[#image: /photos/58538f3f57dfc3b0230f826b]||||||If you haven't heard, the future of both broadsheets and fashion glossies has recently come into question. But the people behind a new website called think they have a handle on what lies ahead for the chic sector. It involves a combination of styled content (like a magazine shoot) and social network (think Facebook) operated by software that is supposed to tailor the site to the user's tastes.

Some interesting players are banking on it. StyleCaster is privately funded by Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Quicken Loans and majority owner of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. The company's CEO, Ari Goldberg, hails from LeBron James's LRMR Marketing company and has been doing major outreach to editors, store owners and designers.

And while StyleCaster's formula is yet unproven, its combination of big money, big talk and big ideas seems to have scored points among the fashion set. The site's confirmed contributors include stylist Annabel Tollman, Shopbop fashion director Kate Ciepluch, and designer Abigail Lorick, whose fashions have gotten major screen time on Gossip Girl.

The site's still in private beta testing, but interested readers are invited to participate by clicking HERE. Let us know what you think.