We’re all familiar with the graphic tee emblazoned with images of (insert-your-favorite-music-icon here). Now, Sony Music Entertainment is throwing its hat into the ring, though its merchandising company The Thread Shop. Same-old, same-old, right?

[#image: /photos/58539c1057dfc3b0230f86d5]|||||| What Vlasic is talking about is the shirt’s accompany hangtag, which features a code that customers can plug in on the line’s website to access information on the artist as well as a curated digital playlist of his or her works. Also included will be a pewter skeleton key — “you can turn it into a pendant or keychain or whatever,” says Vlasic — that symbolizes unlocking that Sony basement vault. And, no, die-hard music buffs, said key will not actually open those archives. “There, it’s actually this digital thing that requires fingerprints and everything,” Vlasic remarks.