From iPads to chic digital cameras, here are the gadgets and apps our favorite fashion insiders simply can't live without:


Favorite gadget: “My Mamiya RZ medium format camera. I use it for everything, from shooting ad campaigns to taking photographs of my children at home on the weekends.”
Favorite app: “Hipstamatic. I love how it allows a simple iPhone snapshot to instantly become a vintage-looking Polaroid.”


Favorite gadget: “I don’t think I could live without any of my gadgets that play music, whether it is the modern iPhone that I have or the old-fashioned technics player that I use to play vinyls.”
Favorite app: I have both the iPad and an iPhone, and I would have to say that my favorite app is the Gucci one, which has been downloaded by 780,000 people. When we first created it, I enjoyed working on the music channel which streams live music whenever users wish. I’m currently having fun creating a new one that incorporates the new children’s clothing line into a Gucci dress-up doll.”


Favorite gadget: “My Canon SD 1100 Powershot in Black. It’s a chic tiny black camera that is efficient, takes high quality pictures and makes it easy for all my travels. I can document high-res snapshots of a pattern or texture wherever I am without carrying around a huge DSLR. I never go anywhere without it.”
Favorite app: “Shazam. It’s an app that ‘listens’ to 10 seconds of music that’s playing in the background and then tells you what song it is and allows you to buy it through iTunes. It’s cool, creative, and smart. Being able to find out what a track is in a way I was never able to before is completely transforming for me as a designer.”


Favorite apps: “Maps and Brushes. Maps is my saving grace for when I explore cities on my own, and Brushes is really helpful for working while traveling.”

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Favorite gadget: “My iPad. I can work and connect with the studio frequently throughout my many travels as well as kill time during flight delays.
Favorite app: “Urban Spoon. No matter where I am, I can find great food.”


Favorite gadget: “My BlackBerry. I never have to answer the phone this way, and I can multi-task by reachng multiple people at the same time.”


Favorite gadget: “I keep it simple. I’m bad with gadgets so the less I have the easier my life is. But it would probably be my Blackberry 2. No iPhone but I do have an iPad, but I only use it when I travel as a web surfer.”


Favorite gadget: My blackberry…because I work day and night and my team is always on standby!”
Favorite app: “I do have an iPad and I am addicted to all the shopping websites.”


“I cannot live without my Mona Lisa. It is the top of the line digital print machine found in Italy. They cost about 250,000 euros per machine. They have 24 printheads per machine which makes them the fastest print machine out there. Very rare….”


“I recently purchased an iPad and I am enjoying experimenting with it and imagining all of the possibilities. I have downloaded several digital magazine apps and I like the personal experience and interactivity of the touch screen.”