Part 3 of Sasha Filimonov's Gossip Girl diary. (Filimonov, a former intern at W magazine, managed to get herself cast as an extra on the show.) Read the first entry HERE.

Needless to say, all this time spent on set, so close to my beloved Chuck, Dan and Nate, has caused me to obsess even more on the trio. In person, I would say that Chuck has the most presence, perhaps because of his notably large head (a la John Mayer). In terms of personality however, Dan was by far the most charming -- the two of us even made eye contact and exchanged a couple of words. (If you must know, they were "I'm sorry" and "excuse me.") Just watching Dan as he cracked jokes with the crew made me feel all warm and cozy inside.


On the other hand, I must report that all three of them are, sadly, vertically challenged. The 5'10" Serena towers over everyone and even Blair seems to be eye-to-eye with Chuck.

As I wiled away endless hours in the dreaded "holding room," I made some critical life decisions. If I had to play "Kiss, marry, kill" with the boys I would kiss Nate, marry Dan and kill Chuck. But poor Chuck has already been through so much. Maybe kiss Chuck, marry Dan and kill Nate? No, no, I could never do such a thing to that beautiful face. And, if I swung the other way, how would I play? This isn't a truly fair question as I did not see my darling Blair in person, but I venture to say I would marry Serena (never thought I would say that!), kiss Blair and kill Vanessa.

In the end, although I didn't even make the promised $85 a day (I was paid $84 for the first day, $64 the second day and $68 the third) I was truly sorry when my Gossip Girl stint was up. To the Gossip Girls and Boys: thank you, thank you for bringing one of my guiltiest pleasures to life. It was even worth going to Staten Island.

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